Elder & Later Life

As time passes and life & activities slow, elders enter into the Golden Years phase (approximately ??? years into retirement, though each person's timeline would be different).  

The Sweet Years or Golden Years

It may be time to give some things up and replace them with new adventures.  It is a time to slow down, pause, reflect and share wisdom.  The goal is to find a new balance for this new pace with the limitations life and health may have bestowed upon you.  It’s important to maintain self-worth.  Look at new easier ways to travel, entertain and be active.

Automatic Pilot

During this stage, elders spend their time travelling back through time, reminiscing and visiting places from their past.  It is a time for writing memoirs, building family history and scrapbooking their life for future generations.  Behaviours become somewhat eccentric and elders begin to care less of what others think.  Now acting more as observers, elders become more mentally active while less physically.


Safe Harbour & Sunset

Elders tend to concentrate on unfinished business and wrapping up loose ends as they prepare for this stage of life, the peaceful years. It is time to adjust legal documents, their estate plans and funeral plans.  Most are now in a care facility and rely on family, friends and professionals for support. 

During the later years, it is a time to continually refer back to your Estate Plan to ensure that your wishes are still relevant and being met.   Thom & Associates works in conjunction with your family, your executor and your other professional supporters to ensure open and active communication and transparency.