Estate Services

Financial Planning is the Art of creating wealth.... Estate Planning is the Science of how to disperse it. 

One of your first questions may be...   What is an estate and do I have one? 


An Estate consists of all assets a person possesses at the time of their death.  The most obvious assets would include investment accounts like stocks & bonds, bank accounts such as savings or chequing, shares in companies or business ownership and real estate.

The tangible assets would include coin and stamp collections, antique cars or artwork and intangible assets like copyrights, patents, mineral rights, and internet domains will form part of your estate.

The major objective of estate planning is designing a complete strategy that assures the appropriate handling, administration, and disposition of the estate assets according to the wishes and needs of the estate owner in the most tax efficient way possible. 


Thom & Associates in conjunction with your other planning professionals (accountant, lawyer, banker)  will create a custom Estate Plan specifically designed to:

  • maximize and preserve the value of your current assets 

  • minimize and defer tax and other costs that will arise at death

  • allow for a smooth and orderly transition of your assets to your beneficiaries, and

  • provide for dependents over their lifetime