Executor Services

The Executor Assistance Program is a Fee For Service program.  However, if you are a client of Thom & Associates, this valuable planning program is complimentary.

Meeting 1: 1 hour  - Free Consultation


Part 1: Time is spent working through the Executor Risk Profile, a questionnaire that guides the testator and the executor through the risk and challenges executors could face as they are settling an estate. Approximately 15 minutes.


Part 2: Ken will work through the Estate Assets and Liabilities worksheet with you both.  This document creates a list of what the executor should be looking for once you pass away.  With this document Thom & Associates is able to estimate the size of estate, the cost of probate and potential estate taxes.  Recommendations are made from this document.

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Meeting 2:

2 hour Consultation   - $250

Part 3: Executor – Testator Review Form: This questionnaire is used to facilitate meetings between executors and testators.  It takes a deep dive into the information an executor will need.


Part 4: Executor Duties Checklist:  A checklist to help guide executors through their duties once the time has come.  The checklist covers administration, communication, asset protection, estate valuation, taxation, distribution and closing of estate.

Session 3: Follow-up Meeting


At this meeting, Ken provides recommendations based on data collected in session one and two.  This session is a time to get answers to all your questions and you will receive your completed copy of Getting to the Heart of the Matter Handbook for Executors.  Pertinent articles and recommending readings are also included.