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What Is An Executor Advisor and Why Do You Need One?

Anyone who’s been tasked with settling an estate before will tell you that it’s much more work than they were initially expecting.

Emotional stress aside, even the most organized of people find being an executor and settling an estate to be a long and daunting task. When the time comes, many people who earlier agreed to take on this role will find themselves wondering what they’ve agreed to and where to begin.

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From sorting through the personal private belongings that until recently belonged to someone else, to trying to locate the proper documents needed to start the paperwork, and dealing with family members claiming items that may or may not have previously been promised to them, there’s a lot to process.

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Simply put, closing someone’s estate is not a simple task. Being an executor is complicated and, frankly, not everyone is a right fit for the job. Relying solely on the deceased’s will for instruction is a strategy that can leave any executor in hot water. Ticking tasks off a checklist without any awareness of the potential penalties involved and laws that need to be followed is a reckless way to handle someone’s estate.

What is an Executor Advisor?

As an Certified Executor Advisor, Ken can guide you through the executor process from start to finish. Focused on helping people, he doesn’t charge a fee for this type of service.

From knowing where to begin, helping you gauge an estimated time-frame, and taking you through the necessary paperwork, he will help you get through the entire executor experience with as much ease as possible.

Testimonial graphic with the text: I am so happy with Thom & Associates. Ken and Pauline are consistently helpful and just a phone call away to answer my questions. It is easy to trust their advice and I am so thankful for their guidance through the maze of financial planning. I am proud to be their client and confidently recommend them to my friends and anyone who needs financial guidance.

Working with an executor advisor gives you a bit more breathing room and time to process your loss in addition to handling the many other tasks you will be facing at this time.

If possible, for the sake of everyone involved, we strongly recommend that the family member or close friend and their chosen executor meet with us ahead of time.

We can facilitate a constructive conversation and have the resources to ensure all bases are covered in order to streamline the process of closing the estate when the time comes.

A neutral hand to hold through an emotional and complicated process

Ultimately, a Certified Executive Advisor will guide you when you feel like you’re off track and offer advice when everything seems like it’s too much to handle. In addition, Ken can provide the professional advice you need in order to best understand the options available for your personal situation.

While we can’t take away the pain of losing someone close to you, we will support you through this difficult time and help you through the complicated process of closing an estate.

Whether you have taken on the role of executor and are wondering where to begin, or you want your own executor to be as prepared as possible for when you’re no longer here to give direction, start the process and book an appointment with Ken today.


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