Pre-Retirement Planning

For those of us who are entering into our 50s & 60s, it's a time to put some serious thought into the the next chapter of our lives ….. retirement. 


Pre-retirement consists of 2 phases:


"Fantasy time", beginning 3 to 5 years prior to our estimated retirement date, we begin dreaming of the day and researching to uncover all our options and opportunities that are available to us. 


About 18 months before the big day, during “the excitement time”, practical and often difficult decisions must be considered and compromises made.


Retirement is a whole new world compared to the working world we are leaving behind.  We have planned and saved for many years and now we must switch gears and start spending. 


Spending is easy, too easy and since we could possibly live for another 30 years, planning for spending over the next few decades is crucial.

At Thom & Associates, we help you identify your goals, negotiate the compromises

and make the hard decisions while planning for the "what ifs".