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Protect what matters most to you

Investing and Saving

Let us help you find ways to reach your goals, grow your savings, and ensure the income you’ve worked hard for is now working for you.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard for years to earn everything you have. It’s time to make sure that it’s protected after you’re gone.


We understand you and your family have unique and important needs and

believe that your insurance protection should reflect that.

Why work with an independent financial planner?

Worried that you’ll outlive your retirement plan?


Or maybe that you’re paying for insurance coverage you don’t even need?


Tired of dealing with difficult banks who don’t seem to care enough about your investments and leave you waiting for answers to your most pressing questions?


Looking for someone to have your back during a claim? To be there when you need them the most?

Responsible investing with you in mind

As independent financial planners, with access to many investment companies, we can create the perfect investment portfolio to fit your individual needs. No more second guessing.

Here for you when you need us

Call, email, or video chat. Even snail mail. Thom & Associates will work with you in the way you prefer to do business.

A trusted local resource

We’ve been here for you since 1993. You’ll get honest answers from financial planners who know the ins and outs of all those confusing insurance and executor laws in BC and Alberta.

The service you deserve, from a local financial planner you can trust

Ready to get started? We’ll make the process simple, but we also promise to be thorough. Simply fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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