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With segregated funds, you have the freedom to increase your wealth through smart investments while having access to key insurance protection guarantees that keep your savings secure.


Continue reading to find out how segregated funds can help you reach the next level while preserving your estate.

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What are segregated funds?

A segregated fund is a market-based investment that offers our investors major advantages. Unlike a mutual fund that you can invest in at a bank, we offer our clients segregated funds with guarantees that protect the money you invest from market fluctuations.

Essentially, a segregated fund allows you to diversify your investments, guarantees you’ll receive back up to 100% on your investment, is not subject to probate, and protects your savings from being seized by creditors.


A practical way to think about a segregated fund is to see it as an insurance contract that protects your assets and your estate.


Continue reading to learn why segregated funds have become one of the most popular investment choices for our clients in recent years.

Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Segregated Funds

  • Guaranteed security for your savings

    • With segregated funds, you have access to guarantees (up to 100% of the amount you invest) for maturity and death benefits. What does this mean for you? Once your investment reaches its maturity date (the end date of your policy) or when you pass away, if the market value of your investment is worth less than its guaranteed value, insurance protection will kick in and make up for the loss.


  • Practical protection from creditors

    • With segregated funds, your investments could be protected against seizure by creditors even through unexpected lawsuits or bankruptcy. With this type of protection, after you pass away, the death benefit goes directly to your beneficiaries, not creditors. Refer to Ken at Thom & Associates for details.


  • Possibility of avoiding probate

    • When it comes to settling your estate, both for tax-purposes and peace of mind for your family, it’s best to have a plan that keeps all segregated funds out of probate. With segregated funds, you can name beneficiaries so that the death benefit bypasses your estate and goes directly to them. On top of that, segregated funds give you the power to control how your beneficiaries receive your benefit: as a lump sum or with a payment plan that offers legacy options to your loved ones.

Get personalized advice

Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Segregated Funds

Offered exclusively through Thom & Associates, the segregated funds for our clients are

managed by teams of expert investment and portfolio managers.


Below are the three steps to acquiring a segregated fund:

Step 1
Find an advisor

Here at Thom & Associates, we have decades of experience working with the products we offer our clients.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Rather, it's our top priority to listen to you and gather a full understanding of your personal needs and wishes.


For the record, there is no fee for for meeting with our advisors.

Step 2
Meet with your advisor

Before meeting with Ken, it's a good idea for you to think about what you really hope to achieve by investing.


To help streamline the process  it's helpful if you can gather some basic information about your income - including any savings, investment, and pension plan statements ahead of time.

Step 3
Make your investment

At Thom & Associates, we are here to help you make well-informed decisions about your investments.


Shortly after making your investment, you will receive a statement confirming your transaction as well as the details of your contract.


We recommend meeting with Ken on a regular basis to review your portfolio and assess progress regarding your goals and any changing needs.

Start investing today,
we're here to help you.

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